Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday @ Teched 2011

Some great sessions on the RESTful interface and integrating with SAP BW.

It looks like NW IDM 7.2 is going to have some really killer features.  From the looks of the RESTful interface presentation, it will be possible to have quite a bit of NetWeaver Identity Management functionality in a number of different environments, including iOS and Android devices.  (The live iPad demo blew me away) I'm thinking the days of complaints about the NetWeaver IDM interface are coming to an end.

There is a misconception in SAP-land that Identity Management is a stand-alone and peripheral part of SAP.  The presentation on BW integration sure put that to rest. With a few steps (including a VDS Configuration) IDM data can be pushed to BW and used in all kinds of interesting ways. Once the data is in IDM the standard reports show all kinds of historical and entry based information. lots of it one might think is not available from outside of IDM. The additional ability to create custom reports means that the sky's the limit!  Can wait to start taking advatage of this technology.

This could also be a rare two post day if I can get the Thursday update in as well. Stay Tuned!
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