Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TechEd 2011

Time for a new series of TechEd Reports.  Had a great time Sunday night meeting up with a bunch of folks from IDM, SSO, and SAP Security. Interesting conversation about some new features coming out in the near future.  Hopefully we'll get some official announcements this week.

Strangely enough Day 1 did not have a lot of specific IDM related content.  However, that's not to say that I did not attend any sessions.  Had an interesting overview of RESTful interfaces and how they are used in other parts of SAP-land and an interesting session on some BASIS basics, which unfortunately was more about tuning than administration, but it was still interesting!

There was also a POD session about the 7.2 release which was a nice showcase of new functionality.  It also seems that we're getting close to a release date for 7.2.  Rumor has it that we are now looking at mid-to-late October.

I wonder what's coming out first, IDM 7.2 or the iPhone 5?  Both products we're hearing lots about and we know are just about ready, but no one's giving any firm dates.

Tomorrow promises to have a number of hands on sessions.  Can't wait!
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