Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Watching $'s in JavaScript

Every time I write a script that uses repository constants, I always have trouble remembering how to pass their values properly.  Hopefully this posting will make me remember.

Both the "%" and "$" characters are used by JavaScript, so if the following code is encountered you will get an error:

var LDAP_SEARCHURL = "ldap://" + %$rep.LDAP_HOST% + ":" + %$rep.LDAP_PORT% + "/" + %$rep.LDAP_STARTING_POINT% + LDAP_SEARCH;

The dollar sign is used for calling a type of function and I believe the percent symbol is used for a mathematical operation. The solution is simple, just place the constants in quotes:

var LDAP_SEARCHURL = "ldap://" + "%$rep.LDAP_HOST%" + ":" + "%$rep.LDAP_PORT%" + "/" + "%$rep.LDAP_STARTING_POINT%" + LDAP_SEARCH;

It seems that IDM is smart enough to evaluate the value in the quotes and realize that the value is a repository constant and evaluate the value properly.

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