Friday, November 04, 2011

There's a new version in town!

If you've checked the SDN Marketplace lately, you'll notice that NetWeaver Identity Management 7.2 has finally come out of Ramp-up and into General Availability! There's also a slew of new and updated documentation available for the new product.

I'm anxious to try it out.  Looks like it is somewhat involved and you will need to read carefully to make sure that you do the correct steps in the correct order.  This will be unlike any other IdM/Identity Center upgrade I have ever done.  I have started to review the documentation and it looks fairly straightforward. Rest assured that I will be recording any "gotchas" I experience during the upload.

What I can tell you from what I have seen so far is that it is important to make sure of the following:
  • You have good backups
  • You make sure your dispatchers and event agents are stopped
  • The provisioning queue is empty
  • There are no approvals or pending values hanging

I'd also advise taking a good look at the Staging Environment guide from SAP as the installation guide is framed in the context of this document.

Looking forward to hearing what people are experiencing with the upgrade.

Good Luck!

PS -- Forgot to add a link to this great IDM 7.2 Overview.  Valuable reading!
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