Sunday, May 08, 2011

Setting up Remote Dispatchers

On the project I just wrapped up, we realized that we would need additional runtime dispatchers for load balancing. After taking a quick look at the environment, I realized that I did not have any current documentation on installing a remote dispatcher, so of course I needed to create some.  Based on the SAP documentation for creating a UNIX Dispatcher, I generated some documentation.  I've reproduced part of it here.  The documentation I did for the client included some extra content, but since they paid for this and you aren't, here's the bare-bones (but complete) process.

  1. Copy the IC Runtime Folder from the IDM Server to the Target System. 
  2. Go to the \setup folder and run setupwin32.exe. 
  3. Go back to the IDM server create and create a new dispatcher, to create the new dispatcher, right click on the Dispatcher node of the SAP NW IDM MMC console, and select New and Dispatcher. 
  4. The Dispatcher should be renamed to reflect the target system that it will be running on (e.g., IDM_SERVER2). 
  5. After you have named the dispatcher it will be necessary to generate the dispatcher scripts by clicking on “Create dispatcher scripts…” button.
  6. Navigate to the service scripts folder or wherever you installed the files. Copy these files to the other server, which will have the same name as the dispatcher node named in the step above. There will be three files generated that end in .BAT, .PROP and .SH. The files can be placed in the Program Files\SAP\IDM\Identity Center folder or in the folder of your choice. 
  7. Make edits to the batch file that was just copied: The JVMDLL and MXDISPATCHERPROP lines will most likely need to be changed to reflect updated locations on the target server. 
There you have it, this is the basic process for setting up a dispatcher on a remote system.
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