Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too much in the JAR

Recently had a problem where Import/Export was not working.  I kept getting an interesting Error Message:

What was really interesting about this was the user that was referenced, mxmc_admin.  Now this is interesting, because during the Identity Store creation process, you are prompted to use mxmc_rt as the user and there is no time during the install that you are asked to create a JAVA based connection string using mxmc_admin.

This started a great deal of troubleshooting and conversations with people who have a great deal of knowledge with IDM's moving parts. Ultimately we wound up looking at the options in IDM's MMC interface.

The problem was in the Classpath Extension. It seems in this installation we had the old Microsoft SQL 2000 JARs loading before the SQL 2005 JAR. Since the MS SQL 2000 drivers were no longer needed, I removed them, regenerated my dispatcher scripts and restarted the dispatcher services. I was now able to export without a problem. I'm saying it's the order that the JARs are ordered in since I looked at my personal sandbox system and saw that I had the following Classpath: 

And my Import/Export works just fine, thank you very much.

Some more good troubleshooting to come...
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