Friday, April 17, 2009

Web UI Password Troubleshooting

I was setting up a NW IDM 7.0 SP2 Patch 5 test system yesterday and had the strangest problem. Workflow and Monitoring passwords were not being accepted. I could not log into Workflow and altough I could get into Monitoring, clicking on any link presented me with an error that I was not logged in and would be redirected to the login screen.

Now being an old hand at setting up 7.0 and previous versions I went through and checked all the obvious, IIS, permissions, PHP version.

I had some trouble initially getting PHP running but since it was now running, I did not think it could be PHP.INI, particularly since I just went through and compared it to a working PHP.INI. However since not hing else was working, I decided to take another look.

Sure enough, the path for the session directory was incorrectly specified. Changed the path, double checked the privileges and cleared all cache folders and IE cache just in case (paranoia can be a good thing sometimes) and all was fine.

Just thought I'd share...
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