Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

It's been  the end of a great year of working with Identity Management this year.  Sun, Oracle, Novell, IBM and of course, SAP are all in the mix and doing well.  Companies are recognizing that not only is IdM useful, but a strategic business goal as well.

Personally, I've gone from Project Management, to Independent work, to working with a fine organization, SECUDE Global Consulting.  I've had a great year with them, and am looking forward to more challenging work in the coming year.

I'd like to wish everyone a happy, safe and sweet holiday and New Year.  Even if you don't celebrate a particular holiday, take a moment and reflect (which you should do often anyway)  

On a lighter note, I saw this humorous post at CSOOnline.  Hope it brings a chuckle!

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