Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Great NW IDM Information Source

SAP's NetWeaver Identity Manager (and MaXware Identity Center before it) is an increasingly popular tool for IdM Implementations.

One of the current drawbacks of the tool is that it does not have a lot of places that you can go to learn about how to use and implement the tool.

Certainly, this blog and the SECUDE Global Consulting Blog have been great public places to read up on the application and its role within the greater framework of Identity Management.

If you have access, SAP's NetWeaver Identity Management forum is probably the best place to ask and answer questions on the product. If you don't have access to this forum, I'd consider getting it. Quickly. It's indispensable to anyone working with the application on a day-to-day basis.

On the free side, SAP does sponsor an NetWeaver IDM blog where various SAP and non-SAP resources discuss Identity Management issues within the SAP and NetWeaver framework. It's a great place to read up on various topics regarding NetWeaver, SAP and Identity related issues.
(Shameless plug: I recently wrote an article there too!)
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