Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Center for Applied Identity Management Research

The Center for Applied Identity Management Research should be something interesting to watch in the future.

As they say in their mission statement:

The mission of CAIMR is to meet current and future identity management challenges impacting individuals, public safety, commerce, government programs, and national security, through a multi-disciplinary applied research agenda aimed at providing pragmatic solutions and incorporating the perspectives of key academic, governmental, and commercial entities.

Looking over their list of current partners, I see business, finance, government, but not a lot of involvement from the Identity Management community (IBM and Lockheed Martin were the only large organizations) and I did not see mention of other large players such as Sun, Novell, Oracle and ca.

It sounds like they are more concerned with identity theft, homeland security, privacy and other issues. I'll be interested in seeing what they have to say as the Center grows and matures. They also promise to do research and publish.
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