Monday, September 29, 2008

The Project Process

One of my favorite topics that I have not touched on in a while is that of why Projects succeed or fail. Of course one thing that most people agree on is making sure that you have management and executive sponsorship. With that in mind, I found this short but interesting article. It's nice to hear what's needed and helpful in an Identity Management project straight from the source.

I particularly liked the third point, which was "Speak our language" This is one place where too many consultancy engagements fail, as we are so involved in reporting the technical details that we forget to phrase them in the context of the client.

This means that aside from the "Executive Summary", be prepared to go into a little more detail or at the very least find out if business level overviews need to be given. This is a great opportunity to stretch the team's Business Analyst or Junior Consultant to make sure that they bring the technical layer into the business or the business layer into the technical in a slightly deeper level than usual.
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