Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Registering" Identity

Read an interesting article off of the UK’s Register site.

The article starts out by stating that Identity Management is both “Complex” and “a pain in the backside.”

While focusing on “classic IdM” issues like password control and provisioning, it also links in some interesting thoughts about linking Asset Management to Identity Management with the loss of a phone (or dare I say a laptop) and the fact that some assets are linked to the identity concept.

The article goes on to discuss some thoughts about preparing for identity related projects, offering some thoughts on an architecture that revolves around people, their roles and authorizations.

What really grabbed my interest about this article was a list of three assumptions, which I will paraphrase:

  1. There will be Identity Assets and applications that the IdM team will be unaware of
  2. Provisioning is event driven, and therefore your IdM procedures should reflect this
  3. Provisioning is a process, not a onetime deal

The author has a nice wrap-up and words of advice which leaves the article on a high note. The point here is that these folks seem to get what IdM is all about.
  • The IdM Technology doesn’t matter
  • Directories doesn’t matter
  • Databases doesn’t matter

What matters is that one understands the organization’s business and cultural needs. That will dictate how the technology, directories, databases, etc. are employed.

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