Saturday, April 10, 2010

SAP IdM Training - Wrapup

The last day of the training was an excellent conclusion. We spent a few hours connecting to SAP JAVA and ABAP systems. In general the SAP connectors work quite well. I'll be much happier, however if the Trondheim development team creates real to/from SAP passes rather than relying on custom connectors, and of course, the end of the MMC management interface!

I also had more exposure to the new UI and as one SAP insider commented to me, what it lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in security and language localization, which I cannot disagree with. Even if a company in need of Identity Management is not a SAP shop, it should consider SAP NetWeaver IDM in environments where multiple languages need to be supported.

In general, I think the product is moving in the right direction. Looking forward to getting on some planned projects in the next few weeks, plus whatever else might come up!
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