Thursday, April 08, 2010

SAP IdM Training Continued

Still impressed with the training class. I’ve found it interesting how they’ve been able to give the class a good flavor of how NetWeaver IdM works. I think the folks in the class are getting a solid foundation in what the product can do. Everyone in the class is looking forward to working with the SAP Provisioning framework which is the emphasis of the last day of class.

I also received a nice tip today. Take a look at this new document from SAP (I believe it is a general access document)

An interesting discussion of reconciliation from an ERP context. Most people typically reconcile against an enterprise directory, but when working with an ERP system as the authoritative source, it makes sense to have a reconciliation process against this system as well.

It's also been interesting seeing the general improvements to the product. While I miss the ease of installation, speed and flexibility of NW IDM 7.0 (Not to mention MaXware Identity Center) the new version shows better scalability than ever before. Little tweaks like adjusting the attention dispatchers should give to different task types, to improved role / management handling and event handling. The interface is not terrible and the WebDynPro UI lacks the flexibility of the old PHP, but it is a heckuva lot more functional, particularly where mutli-valued attributes , roles and privileges are concerned.

After SailPoint training and some customer facing work (gotta earn some money!) I'll be looking forward to setting up a lab environment for the rest of the IdM team at CTI. Once that's done we'll be up to giving some demonstrations to clients and other interested parties.

Long time since I ran an IdM demo...

I'll be sure to comment on the SAP Provisioning Framework sometime over the weekend.

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