Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More on SailPoint

In reviewing yesterday's post, I realized I got a little off my intended track of talking about my SailPoint training, and spent more time talking about IdM Architecture.

In light of that, let me talk a little bit more about SailPoint and what they have to offer.

The SailPoint product seems pretty darn interesting. It does a fantastic job of linking in to various types of repositories (LDAP, Database, ERP, flat files, etc) that are found in the Enterprise and brings them into a common repository known as the Identity Cube (love this name, BTW)

Once the data is in the Identity Cube, all the fun begins, we can then do Role Mining, Segregation of Duties and other forms of Compliance analysis, and most importantly, Certification/ Attestation. It's easy to do all sorts of searches and analysis on the information held within the Cube and produce everything from application centric user role reports to IT Security oriented Risk scores based on role, application and group membership.

I'm going to find it pretty darn hard to believe that Enterprise IT and auditing departments will be able to work without a tool such as this in the future. This application is a great add on to add to current Identity and Risk Management projects and I'm looking forward to working with it.
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