Friday, September 11, 2009

The Bigger Picture

In the Identity Management field, there's a lot of thought placed on how to provision users, and even more thought (rightly placed) on de-provisioning users. After all, if users can't get into the systems, you get no return from them since they are not as productive. Similarly, we also know that leaving user accounts active in the system leaves an organization open to data loss, financial and legal risk, and loss of productivity.

However, what of the middle of the user life cycle? User profiles and access need to be maintained as they change titles, departments and locations. It is also important to record this information for compliance/audit reasons.

IdM provisioning tools are probably the best tools for managing these changes in access for enterprise systems. While tools such as SAP's GRC are excellent for work in SAP systems, they are useless outside of them. Same goes for Active Directory / LDAP specific tools, PeopleSoft specific tools, etc. IdM systems have the ability to connect to all of these (and more) systems.

Leave the provisioning, role assignment and management to the IdM system and rely on specialty tools for specialty needs.
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