Friday, July 11, 2008

Scholarly Reads

I had a chance today to read two very interesting documents: On Identity Analytics: Setting the Context and Identity Management in Information Age Government Exploring Concepts, Definitions, Approaches and Solutions.

The first document is a product of HP Labs and outlines an some interesting thoughts in Risk management and Analysis for C level decision makers when considering Identity Management planning, I found it kind of interesting to see this level of effort coming out of HP given some of their latest moves in the IdM space.

The second document was something I was very much looking forward to. As a Political Science Major in College, I'm always interested in reading about how Governments use Information Technology. And this is what the paper was all about. It looked at how IdM is used in government initiatives, mostly in a context of Access Management and Federation.
It's interesting to see that the IdM as a subject of academic research. I'd be interested in hearing about other similar documents. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll have a Ph. D. in Identity Management!

The reading of both of these papers will put you well on your way to your own post graduate education in IdM. I hope to see more of them.
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