Monday, July 21, 2008

The Insider Threat

Much has been said recently about the Network Admin in San Francisco who shut down the city-wide wireless network last week. As I tend to focus more on IdM than security or privacy issues I was not sure if I was going to discuss the event in my blog. that was of course until I read this interview.

It made me remember that the central part of any IT Infrastructure requires trust. I recall a posting by Dave Kearns some years ago where he spoke fairly eloquently about this. (At least I think it was. Dave, care to comment) Anyway, the whole thought was that you have to be able to trust your Network Administrators.

Now for the obvious part. As President Reagan used to say,"Trust, but Verify" This means, making sure there's no orphan or rogue accounts in the systems. GRC tools will be a must in this verification.
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