Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SaaS: The Series

As you might know from reading the SECUDE Global Consulting Blog, I am at the Burton Catalyst Conference this week. One topic that I got into a lot during the first evening was about Software as a Service (Saas)

I heard a number of arguments, both Pro and Con about this topic. Over the next few days I plan on discussing a number of things about SaaS on this blog.

Rather than starting off with Pros and Cons of SaaS (those who know me, know my feelings, but I'll hold off for the moment) I'd like to start with what I call the Chicken and the Egg issue.

In some way shape or form, SaaS will come to IdM as it will to other areas of the IT world. However, I believe that IdM has some specific challenges that need to be addressed, namely in security and reliability.

Due to these considerations I'm thinking that only firms that specialize in the IdM space will be able to be successful hosts. However will firms be willing to be early adopters? This is where the Chicken and Egg argument comes in. Customers are going to want experienced hosts, but I do not believe there are any hosts out there that are ready.

I'll be discussing some of the details of what an experienced host will offer and some potential stratgegies for mitigating the risks in the coming days.
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