Thursday, May 01, 2008

Most important things to ensure a successful project

As discussed earlier, a pressing concern in Identity projects concerns success and failure factors.

I believe there's a core item that both the client and the implementer can bring to the table to help ensure success.

From the Implementer, it is essential that a good business analysis effort takes place. I don't think that anyone expects that this can happen in one or even a few sessions. However, the person(s) who are doing the current/target state analysis, must ask probing questions and follow up on them. It's important that the BA has a complete and thorough understanding of what the customer has and what they want. This can be a delicate process as the BA and customer learn about each other and the processes. One of the BA's best tools in this effort is to make sure they have a good process to work with. Templates, flow charts and other tools can create efficiencies in this process.

From the client side, preparation is the key. Having documentation on current processes and flows is most helpful to make sure that the project team succeeds in delivering the correct and complete product. Now we all know that not all of this information will be available when needed, but having the SMEs on call and tracking gap items helps to remediate this. Strong client side PMs and executive sponsors are also critical in keeping this an efficient process.

Ultimately it is the synergy that is created by the client and implementation teams that brings out the best results. With both sides working together the greatest progress is made and the best results are to be had.
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